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List to Last!

I hope everyone is having a successful start to the year!

My father in law, Larry Kelley always said" you list to last". He had lots of little sayings about selling real estate but this was definitely a favorite. As a new agent, those words meant little to me. I figured he was just trying to give some optimism to a new "green" agent who seemed to have lots of listings but few buyers. Now that I am a little more seasoned, I realize what he meant and how important getting a listing is. Equally important to getting the listing is getting it sold for our client!

Inman recently put out some tips for us agents to help our sellers. In review of the article, I thought it was a worthy share . The article listed 7 tips to help our clients sell our houses. Some of these are obvious but still noteworthy. 

  1. Spruce up the exterior. This is the first view a buyer will have of the property. What will they see? Dirty windows, overgrown bushes or dead ones?, clogged gutters that are falling off the house, peeling paint.  Help your sellers with some tips to spruce it up! In a few weeks, we will be able to put up some annuals and really help with curb appeal. This year has been horrific with ice and snow. Remind your sellers to keep stairs and walk ways clear. Nothing kills a showing faster than a buyer falling down the front stairs or getting injured on the walkway of ice.
  2. Get the furnace and cooling systems serviced.  Why wait for a buyer to notice it has not been done in over 5 years? Furnaces should be cleaned and serviced annually. Show buyers that the sellers have good practices and be pro active.
  3. Light Bulb Check. You are there to show the house and half of the bulbs are blown. Rooms are dark, buyers can't see, not a good scenario for a successful showings. While you are replacing the bulbs, wipe out the fixture (get rid of those pesky dead flies).
  4. Smoke Detectors.  Again, why wait? This will need to be done anyway so get it done before you list. Make sure they all work, are compliant and ready to go. The attorneys will thank you (believe me).
  5. Walk through the interior with the seller. Use some blue paint tape and mark areas where there are scratches, dents and peeling paint. Give those areas a refresh! Buyers like crisp and clean. Magic erasers go a LONG WAY here too.....especially for homes with little kids.
  6. Declutter and Deep Clean. We all have that listing where the sellers have so much stuff. But, now is the time to declutter. Clean out those closets, donate unused items, organize and get ready to move. The house should be clean from top to bottom. Wipe down baseboard, moldings, cabinets, consider shampooing carpet. Appliances should be clean. There are some good options for having this done professionally if your seller can not do it themselves.
  7. Finally clean out the garage. Paint the floor with a nice epoxy and organize! Buyers want to see the space here. Make sure walls and ceilings are in good shape.

I hope this helps you with your clients. It was a good read and good reminder about the simple stuff.

Lisa Kelley
2018 CPBR President

"We all do better when we work together........." Bill Clinton