Message from the President

jessFrom the President

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!  Many of you know me but if you don’t let me introduce myself...I am a transplant from Massachusetts who grew up coming to VT as often as possible until I moved here full time after college.  I’ve been working in the real estate industry in the area for 15 years with Barrett & Valley and absolutely love this job! My husband (a Vermont local) and I live in Townshend VT, where we are raising our three children.  I sit on multiple boards within our school sports programs. I was first encouraged to get involved on the Crown Point Board as your Secretary and found joy in serving and giving back to this group and our greater community.

This past year, as your President Elect, I had the opportunity to sit on several council meetings with other leaders around the state.  I also took part in the conference in Chicago to prepare incoming presidents, which was a great experience. I’m really looking forward to working with this fantastic board and membership as your President in 2019!

VAR spent 2018 working hard to review and re-brand the organization.  I chose to take place in a day long think-tank this past summer in Montpelier, which generated ideas for the task-force to then take and create a new Strategic Plan.  The new vision of VAR has strong emphasis on transparency and face-to-face member engagement. My plan is for us to see that trickle down this year in our local board. More announcements on this to come!

Looking forward to the year ahead!

Jess Landers