The Fine Print

Meeting Attendance Policy
Signing up for meetings is a binding action.  If you sign up but do not attend, your prepayment of meeting fees will be forfeited or you will be billed if you have not prepaid.  Only extenuating situations will be considered in waiving these fees.   If you sign up after the date, you may or may not be granted attendance at the class, as this decision rests with the instructor.  You may always attend the meeting, but food/coffee will not be available. (ADOPTED-December 2014)

Attendance Fees
All CPBR REALTOR members and affiliates may take advantage of the Board subsidized classes if they attend the business meeting beforehand.  Any member who skips the meeting but attends the class shall be billed at the Non-member rate.  Any attendee of a class who is not a paid Affiliate or a paid REALTOR member of the CPBR shall be considered a Non-member. (ADOPTED-January 2015)